Beholder's Association

Join the Beholder's Association!

Starting Membership: $100

Get your own personalized Alehorn mug made from ethically harvested oxhorn

Advanced notice of new releases via email

Either a pour in your larger Alehorn mug at the same cost as a normal pour, or $1 off all 12 oz pours (Flight pricing does not change).

Rent the rental room and get the first two hours free, hourly rate is $5 per hour

Alehorns will only be available for the FIRST 50 MEMBERS and the window for a personalized mug closed on 7/30/2022. Orders were placed in early August 2022. There are still some spots left for Alehorns!

Membership renewal each year is $50.

Optional: Opt into the Beholder’s Association without getting the Alehorn for $50