Join the Beholder's Association!

Starting Membership: $100

Get your own personalized alehorn mug made from ethically harvested oxhorn

Advanced notice of new releases via email

Either a pour in your larger alehorn mug at the same cost as a normal pour, or $1 off all 12 oz pours (Flight pricing does not change).

Rent the rental room and get the first hour free

Alehorns are ordered in batches of 50. It may take some time to receive your horn. You are free to keep your horn at the brewery or take it home to display it proudly. We will only order Alehorns for the first 50 members!

Membership renewal each year is $50.

Optional: Opt into the Beholder’s Association without getting the Alehorn for $50

Supporting local artists:

Some prints of wall art by local artist Maddie Anderson are available for purchase. Ask about availability or check for pricing in the taproom.

We occasionally have one-of-a-kind logo tie dye shirts made locally by Evan Bertrand! These are limited in quantity, but pre-orders for size and colors can be made.

Photos of previous tie-dye shirts below, all photos of these shirts below by Evan Bertrand.

T-Shirts: $19.99 (Tie Dye +$10)

Hats: $19.99

Stickers: $1

Pint Glasses: $9.99

Coasters: $19.99 for a set of 4

Growlers (64 oz): $11.99

Masks: $5